All the answers for you.

1. What kind of clothing should I bring ?

We advise you to bring (as a minimum):
-2 pairs of shorts
-2 jerseys
-2 base layers
-1 pair of arm warmers
-1 pair of leg warmers or tights
-1 long sleeve jersey
-1 winter/warm jacket
-1 rain jacket
– Gloves
– Overshoes

2. What if I don’t have the same level than the other riders ? How I can train myself for your tours ?

We have support vehicules, it’s why we could easily spilt the group in 2 according to your level, so don’t worry you will always have a vehicule behind you.

If you choose the package “Across the Pyrénées” or “Classic Climbs” and you book 3 months before the start, our guide and also cycling coach Nigel Hale Hunter can make a training plan for you, according to your free riding time. We can’t guarantee you’ll be the next Chris Froome, but you’d fit enough for riding our package.

3. What’s inside the support vehicules ?

Each support vehicule are equiped with:

-Spare wheels
-Your clothing you gave us (Legs warmers, vests, gloves…)
-Energy bars, fruits, bottles
-First-aid kit

4. How my bike should be equiped ? What gears should i have ?

Most of the repair (flat tires, food…) will be directly support by our vehicules, it’s why you don’t have to carry to much weight on your bike.

The Pyrenean and Basque climbs might be quite steep for some of them, to be sure to climb everywhere, a compact gears (34/36 tooth) and a cassette which go up to 32 teeth is recommended. For the participants in a very good shape, a 36×30/32 should be enough.

5. Recommandation on your bike.

For the security and the confort, we’ll strongly recommand our guests to check the following part on their bikes:

-New tyres (or less than 3 months)
-Changing your cables (gears and brakes) and housing
-Changing your chain and cassette
-Changing your brake pads (if more than 6 months)

6. What time are we riding ?

We generaly hit the road at 9am (to arrive around 2/3pm…), which allow you to to rest/nap during the afternoon and enjoy the area surrounding…

7. How to travel to you ?

By plane :

Biarritz airport with:
RyanAir / AirFrance / EasyJet / FlyBe

Donostia-San-Sebastian airport with:

Pau-Pyrenées airport with:

Tarbes/Lourdes airport with:
RyanAir / AirFrance

Perpignan airport with:
AirFrance / RyanAir / FlyBe

By train :

Gare de Biarritz, St.Jean de Luz et Hendaye

By car:

From Paris to Bordeaux take the A10, and then the A63.